Did you know: There are more than 500 verses in the Bible concerning prayer and nearly 500 verses concerning faith, but there are more than 2000 verses on the subject of money and possessions? Jesus talked about money and/or giving in 16 of His 38 parables! Is God first with your finances?


It’s not the reading of the Truth that sets you free. It’s the application of the Truth you read that changes you and produces freedom. F1rst Truth with Bill Wahl


Jason Isaacs, pastor of Hope City Church in Louisville, KY, and author of Toxic Soul and I Want What God Wants is guest speaker at The River for week two of the F1RST series.


Guest Speaker, Jason Isaacs of Hope City Church in Louisville, KY, brings a word inspired by the painting done during our worship time. Drawing from life experience and Matthew 6:28-31 and Daniel 3, Jason delivers a phenomenal impromptu message.

F1RST Relationships

“They only way to get what we really need is in relationship with Abba Father through Jesus Christ. If we develop a vibrant relationship with Jesus F1RST and get from Him the necessities, then the dynamics of every other relationship in our life will drastically change” Kim Wahl brings a dynamic F1RST message.